Wayside Records and early Detroit bluegrass part 2

Frank Wakefield, 2000 Wayside Records, an independent label in Detroit, produced some of the first bluegrass records made in the city. In late 1957, Frank Wakefield and Buster Turner recorded for Wayside.

Wayside Records and early Detroit bluegrass

Postcard of Chain Mountain Boys, Detroit 1957 In his 1985 book "Bluegrass: A History," Neil Rosenberg suggested Detroit's Wayside Records was the first business to advertise bluegrass as a category of music, with a small ad in "Billboard" magazine in 1957. Part one examines Wayside 105, with Frank Wakefield, Marvin Cobb & Chain Mountain Boys.

Casey Clark and the Lazy Ranch Boys souvenir book covers

Casey Clark and Lazy Ranch Boys book, 1953 Here are the covers of three known Casey Clark and the Lazy Ranch Boys books, along with a special bonus: Jimmy Martin's Detroit scrapbook.

Guest post: Fred Stanley and the Skillet Lickers

Bert Layne (left) and Fred Stanley, 1970s Ann Arbor writer and musician Fred Reif recently brought to our attention his friendship with the late Fred Stanley, who settled in Detroit twenty years after cutting a record for Columbia with members of famed string band the Skillet Lickers.