Eddie Jackson and Don Rader, early inspirations


Craig "Bones" Maki and Don RaderIt took a community to help write the forthcoming book. I’ve always been crazy about records, and record collectors got me started on this project by sharing vintage Detroit music. Some of my earliest boosters who played music (not records) included the gentlemen in these photos. Don Rader (in hat) joined me at the WCBN-FM radio Ann Arbor studio in December 1994. We were visiting Dan Moray while he hosted “The Down Home Show.” A 45rpm record of Rader’s 1958 “Rock And Roll Grandpap” sits on the turntable in front. At the time, I hosted “The Rockabilly Show” at WCBN.

Craig Maki, Eddie Jackson, and Marv WeyerRader introduced me to several Detroit C&W musicians, including Casey Clark, Patti Lynn, Dave Rohelier, and the man at center in the black and white picture, “Golden Boy” Eddie Jackson.

The photo with Jackson was taken by Sandy Weyer on the day I first met Jackson in person, during the summer of 1995. Guitarist Marv Weyer stands at right. Behind Eddie’s wetbar in his basement stood an amazing wall of photos of himself, friends, and country music stars with whom he shared Detroit stages during his 50-year career. Jackson’s sunny personality, his funny stories, and the images on these walls renewed my inspiration with every visit. Within a year, Jackson and Weyer had me playing guitar and singing with them at public appearances. Through Jackson, I met Fran Mitchell*, Cliff Gilbert, Chuck Oakes*, Swanee Caldwell, and many others.

Jackson’s biography appears in the book. Click here to read my story about Rader’s career.

(* Biographies also featured in the book.)


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